My name is Selestine Akinyi Tago. I am a student at Kenya Red Cross Training Institute in Kenya.  I am pursuing a diploma in Para medicine.  It is a nice field and very marketable once you qualify.

I am the first-born daughter in a family of five, two sisters and two brothers. I am very grateful despite all the problems I have gone through. I had lost hope since I had stayed home for two years.  I really didn’t know if my dream to save lives would ever come to pass. My mother who is single and our bread winner got sick. She is now stable. Your help has brought me to where I am today and for that reason, I promise to work very hard and achieve my dream. God intervened and you came to my rescue. Life has changed. Those who knew me before cannot imagine it’s me now.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. I appreciate the help with school fees as well as monthly support. It’s my hope that my knowledge will go far to assist my home, local communities and Kenya, my country. With Kenya Red Cross you go wherever you are required for emergencies. Saving life is our priority at any given time. We are ever prepared. I love my career and I love my fellow students and lecturers because we live in harmony. We learn from one another. We share activities as a team. All those who join this course start by volunteering in their local communities and that’s how I came to learn more about Kenya Red Cross. I will ensure that whoever is brought to my attention gets the emergency care they need no matter their background.

I am privileged to be in the best school offering Para medicine, not just in Kenya, and it’s also recognized internationally. All this has been possible with your help. Emergency medicine has always been my passion and dream and you have made it come through. May the Lord give you the life you have always wished for. May you achieve all your dreams. It is my dream that one day I will also touch a needy student like the way you have done to me.

I will start my end of year one attachment from January 2023 at Machakos County Hospital which is a Referral Hospital in Kenya. I look forward to being there.

My mission has always been “TO LEARN A SKILL AND SAVE LIVES” 


Tago Selestine


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!