African Orphan Educational Foundation just celebrated its first anniversary… and, we could not have done it without you!

In our first year of operation, we spent time in Kenya and Uganda, launched our educational sponsorship programs in both countries, secured full annual educational sponsorships for 25 at-risk children, reached a tentative agreement with a U.S. mission partner for expansion into Burundi, and established a special bond with Ratolo Studios in Kenya who graced us with their amazing photography and videography. (You’ll see their work on our website and in coming videos.)

In addition, we unveiled our Young Friends of AOEF program and Youth Advisory Council that enable us to engage in cross-cultural exchanges with young minds and talent on both continents.

While work continues on other developments, not a minute goes by that we don’t realize who’s driving this train – our beloved sponsors, donors and supporters, board members and volunteers; U.S. mission and aid partners with teams on the ground in Africa, and our community of highly invested and engaged partners, providers and suppliers.

If you’re unable to support us with financial resources, please help us by subscribing to our Breakfast On The Nile newsletter or Contact Us and request our “Ways To Help” checklist detailing ways individuals and local businesses can extend a hand, lighten our load, or help move mountains alongside us!

Every effort expended on AOEF’s behalf helps support the educational and personal development needs of orphans and impoverished children in Africa at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!