The Chair position of AOEF’s Youth Advisory Council was recently awarded to Eno Okpo. A staunch advocate for education with incredibly keen business and leadership insights, Eno has served AOEF’s Youth Advisory Council faithfully for the past two years.

Eno was recognized by the Generation Africa program [Thomson Reuters Foundation/Gates Foundation] as one of 12 extraordinary individuals with life-changing stories destined to become champions for global development. As Founder and Executive Director of Enabled to Enable [E-Enable], an NGO serving persons with disabilities and vulnerable girls and women in Nigeria, Eno is a champion to those seeking inspiration.

Physically challenged since childhood, Eno understands the frustrations and stigma faced by those ridiculed and cast aside by society. Yet she never once let others curb her ambitions.

We are delighted to see Eno serve in this role. We have the fullest confidence in her abilities to lead us forward. The only question that remains is whether the rest of us can keep up with her.


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!