Pilot participants in AOEF’s From Leadership to Legacy leadership curriculum are demonstrating great progress. In the first 5 weeks, participants’ leadership, critical thinking and video presentation skills have shown impressive growth and refinement.

Eleven weeks remain as participants prepare to lead a new cohort through training while readying their own project proposals for possible seed funding.

This past week, we were surprised and delighted to receive a special invitation from AOEF Board Member and Advisory Council Chair Dr. Ariel King. After presenting a leadership segment on Diplomacy, Dr. King invited participants to attend the AFI Changemakers Young African Leaders Summit at the United Nations Human Rights Council Side Event in Geneva (and virtual).

Young African Leader and 3rd year AFI Youth Ambassador Abigail Oppong [Ghana] will speak on technology at the event. Abigail serves on AOEF’s Youth Advisory Council.

We are grateful for Dr. Ariel King’s leadership and extremely proud of the growing responsibilities and accomplishments of all of our youth leaders.


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