poetry slam

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With little to no internet connectivity in the villages we serve and personal transportation strictly controlled during COVID, our cross-cultural Poetry Slam! presented some challenges. But those challenges were crushed by the will of our mission partners and the African and American students who participated.

In Uganda, the distribution and collection of instructions and submissions were managed by our mission partners. Tujje Ministries’ African Director Joshua Wepukhulu drove to outlying villages, deploying mentors in a web of human relays to personally deliver instructions to and gather handwritten submissions from students.  

With schools shuttered, AOEF’s Poetry Slam! offered students the opportunity to exercise their creative thinking and writing skills as they pondered the theme “What Makes You Happy?”

Enjoy these expressions of heart and mind from our sponsored students and youth affiliated with Young Friends of AOEF and AOEF’s Youth Advisory Council.  


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!