Express yourself in a U.S.-Africa Cultural Exchange!

Students and young adults in the U.S. and Africa are invited to contribute short essays on one of five topics. Topics were selected by youth leaders on both continents.

Open to contributors ages 14-24, AOEF’s Cultural Exchange allows participants to exercise their communication and writing skills while expressing thoughts, personal experiences and insights as part of a cross-cultural forum.  

While AOEF is best known for covering school fees for orphans and vulnerable youth in Africa, we also maintain platforms to nurture cultural appreciation and harmony between nations. Our various exchange programs provide open forums through which different cultures can be explored and celebrated and as we equip, educate and empower youth and young leaders on both continents.

The Cultural Exchange-Short Essay instructions and consent forms are available at the links below. The deadline for entries is October 21, 2022.

Cultural Exchange – Short Essay instructions

Consent Forms


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