A dozen local artists are contributing illustrations to Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams, AOEF’s story/coloring book for Primary School children in Africa.

Designed as a literacy tool for P4 learners, this storybook serves several purposes. Most notably, it aids learning and literacy in African villages with little to no internet connectivity and in which only half of all children attend school.

The story follows Mercy and Collin to school where the teacher encourages her students to dream and envision a promising future, a skill many African children aren’t familiar with or are discouraged from developing. The children imagine exciting career roles and learn the community benefits of different professions while education is promoted as the tool for achieving these dreams.   

Inviting Palm Beach County artists to contribute illustrations has enabled us to engage creative individuals and showcase talent within our own community while promoting learning and literacy in developing nations.   

Gifts from generous program sponsors will enable us to print and deliver hundreds of copies of Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams to the Primary School children we serve in Africa.    

Additional support will allow us to print even more books for more children! You can play a role with a donation of any amount HERE!   


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!