Just as the final term of Uganda’s 2020 school year had begun on June 7, the government instituted a new Covid lockdown for 42 days.

This was disappointing for our learners and a few sponsors who have waited many months to see their sponsored students begin the 2021 school year.

Under normal circumstances, both nations would now be mid-way through the 2021 school year. However, with spiking Covid cases and limited supplies, both nations reimposed lockdowns after opening.

Without internet connections or devices to facilitate remote learning, a school classroom is the only opportunity the vast majority of our students have for receiving a formal educational. 

For these reasons, we remain humbled by and grateful to our growing number of student sponsors. Their patience has allowed us and these kids to weather the lockdowns with hope and a solemn promise – the promise that all their educational needs will be met for another year as soon as the 2021 school year begins.

Kenya begins the 2021 school year on July 26; Uganda rescheduled their 2021 school year to start September 20.    

The hopes and dreams of a better life, often worn thin by survival conditions, are refueled and replenished with the promise of an education in Africa.


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!