During our recent travels to Africa, we engaged in our favorite student and education activities. We met and traveled with our mission/aid partners in Uganda/Kenya, visited with sponsored students at school and home, observed classrooms and school programs in action, toured campuses, and met with school principals, directors, and teachers.

Our long-awaited return to Africa not only enriched us in familiar ways but with new experiences as well.

We had the privilege of meeting school officials and touring the famous Amazima School in Jinja (Uganda). We also traveled to Namugongo (Uganda) to meet with award-winning and internationally acclaimed fine artist George Kizito Mubanda. George is familiar with and promotes our literacy tool, offered to help an AOEF youth leader open an art gallery, and donates a portion of proceeds from his international art sales to AOEF. George traveled with us to read Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams to children living in two leper colonies in Uganda.

Each new experience was as memorable as the one preceding it. One particular experience, our road-trip from Jinja (Uganda) to Nairobi (Kenya), allowed us to see much of Kenya we would have missed had we flown. It is a stunning country, and we were surprised by the cool temperatures through the evening and early morning hours as we drove. We met our Light Up Hope/Kenya team at their offices and traveled with them to tour two primary schools and meet with our students there. Following a morning of lively performances by students at Waterlink Primary School, we were extended the honor of serving lunch to students at Kayole North Primary School. We were delighted at the opportunity to visit the homes of two of our sponsored students, and finished the day sharing a meal with our devoted Kenya team.

Beyond that, we were able to host our first AOEF Youth Advisory Council lunch in Uganda. We recognized our Ugandan Youth Advisory Council members for their participation and leadership, and expressed our gratitude to local contributors of Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams.

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