The mission/aid agencies we work with became food distribution posts in the midst of the pandemic. With schools and businesses closed, many of our students and members of their communities relied on basic food staples supplied by our mission partners.

In a state of lockdown with international and local transportation halted, we and our African mission teams had to adapt quickly. Our structure of working through local mission teams gave us confidence that our sponsored students had caring community members looking after them while in their home villages. We encouraged our mission partners to adapt to local conditions, see to students’ needs, continue paying African team members and serve as distribution points for basic food staples where they were able.

While the pandemic has taught every community something of value, we’ve come to realize how critical our role is. And, we are hard at work preparing ready-to-disseminate educational materials ahead of the next crisis — for no-tech, lo-tech and hi-tech communities in the heart of these developing nations.

If you can help, we encourage you to join our efforts.  


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!