An advocate for education, Damali Birungi volunteered with us and took the lead role in reviewing and suggesting edits for Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams. She helped ensure the words, sentence structure and concepts in our story would be familiar to and resonate with young learners in Africa.

While noting some words might pose a challenge, she lit up at the thought of using these as teaching moments.

Damali teaches Grade 3 and is an English and Literacy teacher for Lower Primary students at Lake Site Primary School in Jinja, Uganda. She qualified at Bishop Willis Core Primary Teachers College and taught at two other primary schools in Iganga before securing her current position.

While other educators evaluated Mercy’s Magnificent Dreams, Damali served as our pillar. So, it should come as no surprise that the teacher in our storybook is named Miss Birungi! That’s right. She was written right into the script.

There’s a teacher behind every good work — and every good book!


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!