This month, we are proud to recognize two places that reflect the untamed passions of people who believe in the power of culture, community and connection:

The Town of Lake Park, FL                 

The Brewhouse Gallery, Lake Park, FL

Both swung the doors wide open for African Orphan Educational Foundation and held the door open, allowing us to serve their communities, make connections and build lasting relationships. Those relationships have enabled us to build trust and support. 

Those who pave the way for us pave the way for the orphans and disadvantaged children we serve in Africa. 

We are honored to have been invited to speak to the Lake Park Diversity and Inclusion Council and present at Lake Park Business  at Breakfast. Thank you, Town of Lake Park and Brewhouse Gallery, for the forums allowing us to build awareness and connect with individuals willing to educate at-risk youth.  

Special thanks to Town of Lake Park Mayor Michael O’Rourke, Town Commissioner John Linden, and The Brewhouse Gallery and Lake Park Arts District founders Jo Brockman-Porter and AJ Brockman.

African Orphan Educational Foundation is Lake Park proud!


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!