We Support BIG Dreams

Stanley had to repeat 8th grade and drop out of school twice – not because he failed, but because he couldn’t pay his school fees. Stanley wants to be a doctor.

Stanley’s mom, a widow with five children, barely makes two dollars per day; he and his siblings often go without meals.

We asked Stanley why folks half a world away should help students like him get an education. “It’s good because of my parents’ inability to pay for my education. My dad is dead and my single mother is jobless”. He noted an education is his only chance for a better future.

We were fortunate to find a sponsor for Stanley.

“I was informed about a high school student in Africa who had a dream of becoming a doctor. The only thing holding him back was an education,” notes Stanley’s sponsor Patty.

“Americans with dreams have many opportunities to obtain them. Not so in Africa. When I heard about this young man wanting to become a doctor, I wanted to support his efforts and help keep his dream alive.”


Come alongside us and spread hope through education!