who we are

AFRICAN ORPHAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION offers orphans and disadvantaged children in Africa hope and empowerment through education. Our concentration on education delivers greater learning outcomes for more students while providing needed support to hard-working U.S. mission and aid agencies administering ground operations in the villages we serve.

African Orphan Educational Foundation identifies children of greatest need in the African villages we support and finds willing educational sponsors like you to pay it forward or leave a legacy. 

The need is great. The reward is greater.


Board members pictured left to right:
ROW 1: Kathie Kreh, Sophie Schneeberger, Bonnie Siegfried
ROW 2: Josh Brown, Cate Pracey, Katy Dickinson, Lauren Dean
[Not shown: Hank Kreh, Sandra Stella]

KATHIE KREH – Founder/President
Kathie developed an affinity for Africa as a child, mesmerized by tribal customs shared by her father who studied tribal relations at the University of Cape Town, S.A. A sales professional in the broadcast industry, Kathie dedicated over 10 years to mission work in Africa, including sponsor, board member, orphan education chair and repeat missionary traveler to Uganda.  Witnessing the transformational nature of education in sub-Saharan Africa, Kathie relishes the opportunity to educate, advocate for and improve the lives of knowledge-hungry youth in this region.

LAUREN DEAN – Vice President
A Pittsburgh native and long-time Jupiter resident, Lauren spent a year in Kenya (2019-2020) working at a children’s home, teaching at a local school and church ministry, assisting a local Kenyan NGO and serving at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 30th Anniversary Celebration.  Lauren learned firsthand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the communities she served.  Her faith and the lasting friendships she developed in Kenya drive her dedication and passion for the well-being of the children.  Lauren received a Corporate Communications and Finance degree from Duquesne University.

JOSH BROWN – Vice President
Josh joins the AOEF team with over 20 years of digital and television marketing experience.  He has developed successful advertising campaigns in the nonprofit, healthcare, legal, retail, recruitment and B2B sectors.  Josh is passionate about helping organizations communicate clearly.  He currently works as a digital marketing consultant for small businesses in Florida’s Treasure Coast region.

CATE PRACEY – Treasurer
Cate is a business advocate with Get Beyond, a payment processing and business services company.  Her prior experience as a local business owner and service provider in the digital marketing space and Treasurer of an HOA lend valuable insights to the organization.  A mother of three, Cate values the opportunity to provide lift and encouragement to those deprived of advantages others take for granted.

HANK KREH – Secretary
A structural engineer, President of Newtonian Solutions and long-time member of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Hank offers both a highly scientific and faith-anchored perspective to the organization.  Father of four and former soccer coach, Hank offers his leadership in the form of patient instruction and encouragement champion.

KATY DICKINSON – Director at Large
Katy is an independent local business owner drawn to the cause by the unfettered enthusiasm displayed by those aligned with the organization.  She wanted to experience the joy of meeting the needs of education-deprived kids in African villages half a world away.  Katy feels honored to work alongside and be among the impassioned group of individuals who breathe life and sustainability into the organization every day.

Serving 2 years in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa immersed Sophie in African culture and the challenges facing developing nations.  Sophie has an extensive philanthropic background and speaks conversational French which aids communication with the Francophone African countries AOEF operates in.

BONNIE SIEGFRIED – Director at Large
Bonnie has been a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant for almost 40 years, most at the director level.  An accomplished professional, Bonnie is adept at building and nurturing relationships while encouraging the highest standards in others.  Bonnie embraced her board duties as a way to personally contribute to the educational and leadership achievements of the African children we serve.   

SANDRA STELLA – Director at Large
As a young child in Italy, Sandra developed a passion for helping abandoned and poverty-stricken children.  After earning her master’s degree from the London School of Economics, this passion took her to Africa, where she spent ten years working in the diplomatic sector to better the lives of countless abandoned children and women in distress.  Sandra is dedicated to continuing to help children in Africa, as she has witnessed first-hand the empowerment of those children who were helped by generous donors to further their studies.