who we are

AFRICAN ORPHAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION offers orphans and disadvantaged children in Africa hope and empowerment through education. Our concentration on education delivers greater learning outcomes for more students while providing needed support to hard-working U.S. mission and aid agencies administering ground operations in the villages we serve.

African Orphan Educational Foundation identifies children of greatest need in the African villages we support and finds willing educational sponsors like you to pay it forward or leave a legacy. 

The need is great. The reward is greater.


KATHIE KREH – Founder/President
Kathie developed an affinity for Africa as a child, mesmerized by tribal customs shared by her father who studied tribal relations at the University of Cape Town, S.A. A sales professional in the broadcast industry, Kathie dedicated over 10 years to mission work in Africa, including sponsor, board member, orphan education chair and repeat missionary traveler to Uganda.  Witnessing the transformational nature of education in sub-Saharan Africa, Kathie relishes the opportunity to educate, advocate for and improve the lives of knowledge-hungry youth in this region.

MPH, MBA, PhD (UK), DTM&H, PhD (France) – Vice President
Prof. Dr. Ariel R. King is the Founder/President of Ariel Consulting International, and founder of The Ariel Foundation International and Ariana-Leilani Children’s Foundation International. A recognized leader in international public-private partnerships in health, policy and management with a focus on developing nations, Dr. Ariel also promotes youth leadership, entrepreneurship and community service, and advocates for children’s human rights worldwide. A professor, author, diplomat, and world-renowned expert on HIV/AIDS, Dr. Ariel King is a permanent representative for various NGOs at the United Nations in Geneva, Vienna and New York, a Trustee for Children’s Rights Alliance of England (CRAE) and the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI).

JIMMY GLENOS – Vice President/Treasurer
Jimmy has over 25 years of Learning & Development experience, designing, directing, and delivering Talent Management programs, Leadership Development programs, and Strategic Planning programs. He served as Director of Education at a large senior healthcare organization and Executive Director of their luxury Independent Living facility. Jimmy seeks to inspire and empower young professionals and business executives to SEE their better selves so they can BE their better selves. He is thrilled to share his experience and enthusiasm with AOEF’s youth leaders and support them as they forge new ground in leadership ideas, thought, and action.

Ballaion is a youth leader and humanitarian who aspires to advance her career in international policy and nonprofit management. As she awaits her departure to Africa to serve in the Peace Corps, she serves as AOEF’s Youth Advisory Council Chair and oversees the advancement and volunteer activities of Young Friends of AOEF. An athletic competitor and ESOL mentor who took the stage as a student government leader in college, Ballaion volunteers her time coaching and serving AOEF while awaiting her international assignment. Ballaion is inspired by the milestones and ambitions her AOEF youth colleagues are achieving on the global stage.

WAYNE PHILP – Director at Large
Born in South Africa and schooled in London, Wayne is an experienced high-performance coach of athletes and entrepreneurs. By helping performance-minded individuals connect with a personal mission statement and become liberated from fear, Wayne unlocks their ability to perform beyond perceived limitations. The realignment of focus enabled his athletes to perform at national and international levels (European, World and pursuing Olympics dreams). These techniques transferred to the university campus where he served as coach, FYE program director and professor of business and entrepreneurship. By engaging individuals in deep, thought-provoking processes that align focus with desired outcomes, Mr. Philp delivers improved performance metrics in athletics, academics and life. Mr. Philp is thrilled to be applying his coaching and mentoring skills to benefit AOEF’s U.S. and African students and youth leaders.

DR. FRANCINE ADAMS – Director at Large
Dr. Francine Adams, a STEM professor at Southern New Hampshire University, served 20+ years in information technology specializing in business intelligence and analytics, corporate training and course development. Francine served as founder and former President of DAMA South Florida, VP of Education of DAMA Georgia and Chairperson on Diversity & Inclusion in South Florida.  She currently serves on the Board at La Salle University and African Orphan Education Foundation.

After transitioning from an IT road warrior to education, Francine discovered her behind-the-scenes passion for inspiring youth and  helping others succeed in reaching their goals and dreams. Two African protégés Francine supported from the US did just that. They are rising to success beyond their expectations.  Francine believes the greatest rewards are in helping youth reach their impossible dreams.

BONNIE SIEGFRIED – Director at Large
Bonnie has been a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant for almost 40 years, most at the director level.  An accomplished professional, Bonnie is adept at building and nurturing relationships while encouraging the highest standards in others.  Bonnie embraced her board duties as a way to personally contribute to the educational and leadership achievements of the African children we serve.

Advisory Council Members:
Dr. Ariella [Ariel] Rosita King,
MPH, MBA, PhD (UK), DTM&H, PhD (France) [Council Chair]
Hank Kreh
Sandra Stella
Nancy Ferraro
Mark Dobosz


Young Friends of AOEF/
Youth Advisory Council:

Eno Okpo [Chair]
Kate Halickman
Emily Winters
Patrick Karekezi
Kakaire Collines
Abigail Oppong
Margret Nalumansi
Alvin Cranmer
Brian Ouma Ochieng
Mariam Muthoni
Ian Cliff Wende
Kyakulaga John Bosco
Celestine Akinyi